InAlign Blog 11-08-18: 5 – Psych Survey – Prototype device review

At the end of the interview, the InAlign prototype device was shown. They could see it, feel it, ask questions about it, say what they liked about what they saw, and asked what they would need to know before they would buy it. 

This is a summary of their responses.

“It looks good, simple, and aligns the toes properly and is somewhat loose around the toes so it doesn’t cut off blood circulation. Not bulky, light weight, thin enough to wear in most shoes, easy to put on and take off, not complicated.” 

What else would they want to know about it? 

“More colors would be nice (their model was clear). They’d want to see doctor recommendations, want to know if it’s comfortable for all day wear, want anti-fungal properties, want to see legitimate testing, ratings from other users, and testimonials. They would like more than one pair to alternate days of use. Some mentioned absorbable material where it touches the skin. Most would like a trial period with return policy.”

What would they pay for the device? 

From $50 to $1000. Most were in the $100-$300 price range.