InAlign Blog 11-08-18: 2 – Psych Survey – Lifestyle Impacts

Lifestyle changes are the larger, direct, and indirectly medical impact of bunions. Indirectly medical because being more sedentary is not a positive lifestyle change.

Style of dress. Bunion issues will change how a person decides to dress. No one wants to wear ugly shoes with more fashionable attire. But some will, if they have to.

Activity levels, while intending to stay high, require bunion sufferers to adapt. They do less on their feet: stopping activities they may have grown to love, change life plans, such as travel, reducing vigorous exercise so they can avoid pain and discomfort or rest their feet. It is generally accepted that being sedentary is bad for your overall health, so this is not a good sign for bunion sufferers. While many are very creative in their ability to adapt and they do keep active, it requires constant adaptation as they get older. 

Technology. We asked about technology use for this group of 55+ patients. While all use email and shop online (Amazon and others), they don’t shop for shoes online because fit is so important. It’s critical to try them on in the store. Some used FaceBook, none of the 10 used Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Reddit.